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Lighting Engineer

We will make the most of our extensive experience and creative flair to ensure that your event inspires and amazes. Giving you great lighting on stage can make a huge difference to your event.


Speak to us about how we can put lighting up and around your event anywhere you need it.


A standard day/evening of engineering is charged at a minimum of £80 for up to a four hour event or £150 for day rate.

For a specific hire pricing guide please click here:

Lighting Hire Packages

Below is a range of packages specially designed to provide you with everything that you require; don't forget that all of our packages can be tailored exactly to your needs. Please note that all prices listed below are for collection only and do not include labour costs.

Stage Lighting Package:

Our stage lighting package is perfect for any band playing on stage or in a venue. Stage lighting can be used and looks great for performances.


This basic package includes 4 x RGB LED PAR cans, 1 smoke machine, 4 x G-clamps or 1 x lighting stand.

From £40

Disco Lighting Package:

Our disco lighting package is perfect for any disco or music event. This disco lighting package goes great with our DIY disco package.


This basic package includes 4 x disco lights, 1 x smoke machine,  1 lighting stand and 1 x strobe light and controller.

From £50

Laser Lighting Package:

Our laser lighting package can be a great addition to our disco package or for rave and club events. Additional lasers are available


This basic package includes 1 x 1000mw RGB laser, 1 x smoke machine and 1 x lighting stand.

From £50

Truss Tower Add On:

Our up-lighters come in two different styles using floor standing LED lights. We offer the floor standing LEDs on their own or with use of our truss towers (see photo to the right).


Up-lighters -£7 per light

1.5m Truss Tower (Including Up-lighter)- £25 per tower

2m Truss Tower  (Including Up-lighter)- £30 per tower